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Situated about 11 km out of Jaipur on the Delhi to Jaipur road, Amber was once the ancient capital of Jaipur state. Construction of the fortress-palace was begun in 1592 by Raja Man Singh, the Rajput commander of Akbar's army. It was later extended and completed by the Jai Singhs before they move to Jaipur on the plains below. The fort is a superb example of rajput architecture, stunningly situated on a hillside and overlooking a lake which reflects its terraces and ramparts. Itís ruggedforbidding exterior belies an inner paradise where a beautiful fusion of Mughal and Hindu styles finds itsultimate refinement. Painted scenes of hunting and waradorn the walls with precious stones and mirrors set intothe plaster. In the foreground is the Maota Lake with breathtaking reflections of themagnificent Amber Fort-Palace.

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